Sunday, October 04, 2009

ok amigos... where were we? right Tuesday! down to the river Seine and aboard a boat, 12euros for a day, so not bad, we rode up as far as the Eiffel Tower where we disembarked and went up the tower... we went to the top, had to change lifts at top of legs level!!! the elevators are at an angle that far, very strange feeling! then we got straight onto the next one to take us up! was a fantastic view from up there... Mom kind of wanted to see New York from there, and if she could she would have left the elevator and been at the top of the Empire State building, but i am sorry it was not to be... but she sort of sounded a bit let down... anyway, we walked all the way around and admired the view and then went back down to restaurant level for coffee and cake... of course!

from the Eiffel Tower we boarded a tour bus, instead of tour boat! and paid 24 euros this would be ok for two days, so a good price... we got off firstly at the Notre Dame... this was amazing indeed... fantastic cathedral.... we also had lunch nearby over looking the cathedral and watching the world go by....

we re boarded the bus, they came every 12 minutes or so, so wherever you got off, you knew you could easily get back on again whenever you wanted to!

we got off again at the Louvre, we had trouble finding the entrance to it, and eventually asked a couple who were walking about and they said they were told to head for the pyramid! so we did, and there we found the Louvre was shut for the day!!!

we felt sorry for anyone who was only there for the day, like the Irish couple... all that way and not be able to get in!

back onto the bus... and off again at the Paris Opera Garnier, we thought it was also called the Bastille, which was misleading, but we were in the Opera house we had wanted to be in, where the phantom of the opera and cellars are... we didn't make it into the cellars they weren't open and the man seemed to think they wouldn't be the next day either, bit strange?

we had a coffee and an apple juice *bottled* which cost 10euros, so i think we were well conned there! right opposite the Paris Opera!

back on the bus! off back at the Eiffel Tower, back on the boat and down to our stop! just a walk back up the road, we went back to the hotel for a short while, no coffee making facilities there! and then went out again for dinner... where we had eaten the day before....

sorry this is a bit short! but when i get the photos up i will add where's and what's with them...

Mom and i have been into town this morning, we walked down along the high street and back along the tow path, joined all the fishermen who were exceedingly grumpy, with their rods that reached almost over to the other side of the canal, and pulled them in so you couldn't pass! apparently they are from London and if you want to fish along there and live local.... you cant!?!

adios amigos... i must dish up lunch!

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