Monday, October 12, 2009

a few more photos taken in the Paris Opera... did i say we thought the Bastille was the Paris Opera? the Bastille opera house is for ballet and the Paris opera is for *opera*, but the Place de la Bastille is something altogether different! the terrible castle and prison the history of this place this is a long read, but good!!! and when finally this awful place was demolished we learnt on the tour bus that a significant number of its stones were recycled and used to construct the Pont de la Concorde across the Seine River so the people could tread the bricks in a continual protest at what went on inside the Bastille.

still inside the Paris Opera...

strange photo above, i know the lights have caught strangely, but to me i can see a spectre....

and below... pidgeons in a puddle!

there was always lots of water in the streets? the roads were dry but a truck would move around attach itself to a water hydrant and collect water leaving the gutters running like a stream... one morning looking out of our hotel window such a thing was happening, and so different than Spain, a line of cars, just patiently waited about ten minutes for the man to fill/empty something or other in a little cabin by the single track road...

its Monday now by the way, and i am back home! and Franco is visiting with his Mom in Wales! Malaga airport two days in a row! the structure of the new terminal 3 building is amazing, you have to drive up and past it now to get to departures drop off zone, or the *easy* entrance to the car parks up there!

luckily Franco had put on his alarm yesterday morning, i had, but not changed the time, so when we were approaching the airport the alarm went off! 7am! er no, it was 8am! ooops! i also told Franco don't forget when you put the english mobile on, don't forget to change the alarm, i had it set for 3:30am! i wonder tomorrow what time it will go off?

and this morning, Franco's mobile went off again for me, here, at 6:20! thank you honey!!!!

ok... gotta go, hands hurt, this is doing me in, what happens if i cannot type? i will go crazy!

It is during our time, through managing our
choices, that we are invited to create an outer
world that mirrors our innermost prayers and
dreams. -- Gregg Braden, The Isaiah Effect


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