Friday, October 23, 2009

well up early this morning, out with Pippa extra early, extra dark also! creepy dark... couple of blown over palm trees? or well were they pushed or did they fall!!!

in the wind we're having at the moment the sound they make is creepy too, the dry palm tree branches rubbing against each other making a crackling noise...

someone was about with one of those bright red lights too, used officially for meetings as a pointer, and unofficially as an annoying thing! *it* followed me for a bit then disappeared, or maybe it was me who disappeared... behind buildings from their point of view!

lights working again thank goodness its soooo dark, and after this weekends clock change even darker in the mornings!

our trip to Fuengirola and the police station for friends NIE number's went well, got there at nine, got forms, went to bank paid the 16.01 euros, that all important 1cent of course! copies of form and passport, back about 11am, handed over the documents, sometimes you can get sit and take your NIE with you, today we were told to come back Wednesday to collect, no problem!

you know there are still people *out there* charging poor innocents 200 euros to get this bit of paper!?!

we had a bite of lunch and came home.... beautiful day today, perfect blue sky... wonderfully hot in the sun and warm enough in the shade to be only wearing a t-shirt, and the holiday makers are still taking up the beach in numbers....

one guy went haring along the paseo maritimo on an unusual machine, it was a mobility type thing, but for two people! one behind the other! double buggy or what!!!

now i need to get hunting on the www to find out if we do a matriculation on line? any ideas out there???


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