Tuesday, October 27, 2009

not sure if i have posted this pic already, and its not even that good! but the train there on the platform at Paris Nord is a double decker... i am guessing the tunnels in France are somewhat higher than those in England!!!!

Franco has gone down to the coast this morning to do a couple of bits and pieces for a mate, i was going to get the half nine bus down to Fuengirola and meet him there later, but the prospect of an hours bumpy ride made me decide to leave it for today.

we down tomorrow to pick up friends NIE numbers from the police station for them, so i can wait till then for my Fuengirola fix... i do just love being in that town!

so instead early this morning i had swept the floors on all three levels and washed them! Pippa is exhausted now and asleep on the bed! well she follows me everywhere, or Franco, and if one of us is on the roof terrace and one on the ground floor she camps out on the bedroom level to keep an eye on both of us!

was just looking at the web came down at Torremolinos just now and its 31.3 degrees! lovely for October... yesterday i went into town to pay the late payment fine from four years ago... on what we don't know... i will carry the paperwork around with me a while till i can work it out, or someone else for me! i also wanted to pay the water bill, but the bank couldn't take the money there so had to go to another bank! crazy isn't it! you want to pay something but cant, i know i should not compare, it's wrong, but when your used to being able to go into any bank or post office counter any time of day any day of the week, well not Sundays, and pay a bill! its just frustrating, like so many legal matters here that drive us crazy... when the time comes and you can send matriculation (car registration document) by post, pay car tax at a bank or internet, ok enough i cant afford to be on my soap box today... so lets leave these small tiny annoyances alone shall we! i gotta let it go....

and before i go the link to the Paulo Coelho interview on CNN last night... hope it works for you.

i actually missed it last night, i was confused with the time! time zones... and too much travelling i guess, but i missed it... found it just now on Twitter! thank you Twitter!

I don't do anything that's bad for me. I don't like to be made nervous or angry. Any time you get upset it tears down your nervous system.


erm... maybe i should follow Mae's advise there!


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