Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Master of san francesco, active in Ombrie during the third quarter of the XIII century. author of a panel figuring françois (sat, church santa married degli angeli)

painted cross. 1265-1270 on either side of the christ, the virgin and a holy woman, knows John the evangelist and an apostle.

this is a translation of the french plaque that was with this small, but wonderful work of art in the Louvre, in fact i think this was one of the most wonderful things i saw in the short time we were there....

a view through the magnificent interior of the Louvre.... works of art in a work of art...

Nike - Winged Victory of Samothrace, headless angel.... link included here to read all about this Greek Goddess...

a huge masterpiece... i promise next time i go, will make notes, take my time, and not post un known photos of such wonderful pieces of art with no hint as to their origins!



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