Monday, October 05, 2009

Paris photos... Eiffel Tower

view of course from beneath the Eiffel Tower...

the river Seine above and below...

the morning of our last day... there all day which worked out well, we left our luggage in a *safe area* in the hotel and off we went, back down to the river Seine, and back on another boat ride! this time we got at the Louvre, and this time, it was open!

we were tired out walking round for sure, there are only two items signposted in the Louvre, The Madonna of course and the Venus de Milo... and even so we got confused at one point, we turned right when we should have gone straight on, and even had we looked up and along we could have seen Venus from where we were turning incorrectly right! i am afraid we did not want to look at everything, i think it needs maybe 2 or 3 days of *looking* to even touch on the largest gallery in the world... but we saw what we saw and appreciated it all! some rather risqué shots to follow over the next fews days, apologies, but the statues are just not dressed appropriately!

we came out of the Louvre and i sussed out our whereabouts and set us off in the direction of the Paris Opera, we thought we would see if the cellars were open... the rue de Opera led directly from the Louvre, which was handy, we stopped off for coffee and cakes in probably the most expensive place on this road, Starbucks! and at 3euros 80cents just for a coffee it was almost as bad as the day before on a nearby street!

and sitting there.... we decided not to go any further and leave the ghost of the Opera, till next time.... although as you will see from one of the photos i took i think i may have *snapped* him already!

we made our way instead back down to the river Seine and re boarded the boat, back to the hotel! as it was we dont think we would have made it if we had done the 1hr 40minute tour of the Opera cellars!

back at the hotel and retrieving our bags i found mine had been opened! a *safe baggage* place should be where only hotel staff enter, but this was a small under stairs area where whoever else placed their bags had a window of opportunity to open other peoples bags! i add nothing was missing or added to for that matter!

we asked for a taxi to be called but the receptionist said she had tried before and *they* said a cab to Gare Nord station was too close and not worth their while! so we had to walk to a taxi rank where the Colombian driver didn't mind at all with the 10euro drive! same price as when we arrived i think...

today, Monday, Mom and i went to Aylesbury for a little lookie round the shops, and a coffee with friends at their home nearby... now back, and tired, again!


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