Sunday, October 25, 2009

the market at la Trocha was packed this morning, although the motor bike thing going on next door misleaded you! it looked like the market must be heaving in there... difficult to park, long walk etc, but not actually that many people walking about, there were a huge amount of stalls so good for *lookers* not so good for the people with the stalls... the more there are the less people seem to spend somehow!

we had a coffee and strudel up stairs at our regular place. good walk around and chats with various friends... one seller had a great fire, looked like a wood burning stove, but burnt pellets, it was also remote control, you could control the temperature of the heat, when it came on or off, as in before you came home, or woke up.... clean to run and clean for the environment... different sizes depending on your needs, but not cheap!

i didn't even switch on my little notebook yesterday as Franco was saying my hands are bad because of time spent on here... but as absolutely no change... well i rest my case!

yesterday we checked out Maria's, popped in to see friends and bought some groceries!

and yesterday late afternoon we popped down to the local supermarket to get some milk and fresh vegitables and a wonderful little place has opened up selling freshly made doughnuts! we saw it on the way down and went back, walked in through a garage doorway(!) put in our order, and sat down while the lady popped in the fresh dough into the hot oil, when the pan was full, the daughter took over and turned them when cooked on one side then took out to drain and into bags! it was only two minutes from home so were still hot and i put in some sugar, gave them a shake and yummy yummy tummy tummy!!!

tomorrow i must pay the fine we picked up in Álora last week, we are of course still wondering what it was we paid late four years ago to justify a 100euro fine!? and how much it must have been for also??? we have our water bill to pay too... better get that paid pronto eh!

ok, better get off here (for) now...


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