Friday, February 29, 2008

spring has sprung... at last beautiful days.... the last few have been very spring like, although franco said there was rain down on the coast yesterday we most certainly didnt have it here! in the low 20's now... and just smells spring like if you know what i mean!

up near our house is plaza alta, in this area we have a hairdressers, bar, kiosk, ladies clothes shop, travel agents, and empty shops! they used to be... a supermarket, a mens hairdressers, furniture shop, shoe shop, bakers and something else, although a few have changed hands, but its seven empty now! and when the mens wear shop closes soon that will be eight!! thats alot in such a small area, whats happening?

yesterday, andalucia day here in.... well in andalucia of course! was a quiet day, met friends down town, popped over to a place theyre looking after for a few days, took advantage of sitting round there for a while savouring the huge garden and beautiful infinity pool... and although i must admit to being a tiny bit jealous of 'some' of the house, i came home and up onto our roof terrace and there was a view that that house had nothing of! but i thought while the neighbors were out i could just knock through!!!

Time does not always pass at the same speed.
We are the ones who determine that speed.
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