Wednesday, April 02, 2008

yesterday after i left the shop we went down to fuengirola for a little walk about, to see whats what!

above is a panaderia in avenida de mijas, used to be a small bread shop just four tables infront of the counter, then one day i was going in and realised they had bought and opened up the shop next door so now they have a huge eating area, with all those wonderful cakes and pastries and the smell of coffee.... mmmm, lovely! view from our table is above!

we walked though from the euromarket car park, and into the town, long way and so evening i had a bad head ache, i think from the walking.

we need to do extra well at the boot sale on friday now, we also have to add new brakes bits to what needs doing, franco is going to fit them tomorrow....! no no it will be fine... ;-)

now we havent been watching any of the english soaps since tony was here last april... we really havent, but its a big week on eastenders this week with ricky and bianca coming back, and the funeral of frank butcher... last night as that was going on i realised its april 1st and it was april 1st last year that i actually saw the actor who played frank butcher down at the el chapperal golf club, he was interested in the interview i was having! never could guess mike read would be gone a year later... so many famous people in the last month from tv and moves and authors!

The simplest things are the most extraordinary,
and only the wise can see them.
The Alchemist


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