Friday, April 04, 2008

above the gardens on the avenida de la libertad...

barry is over this evening, cant wait to see him, he was last over in september, which was the last time i saw him as i didnt get to visit him in october or january on my last two visits... so the house is sparkling, a chicken has been cooked, he is arriving quite late, but just in case there will be food waiting...

franco is back from the boot sale now, not very busy there today, in fact everyone was feeling the pinch there today! so wish us luck for tivoli world on sunday.... hope the kids come with us, if there is room in the car?

more info on english plated cars... its now illegal, classed as stolen car, if your a spanish resident, been in spain more than three months means this, and driving a uk car that has not been imported or is in the process of being matriculated, you will loose your car and get a fine for not matriculating it within the three months time limit, (you couldnt if you bought the uk plated car here of course!) also expect a bill for import duty and more duty because you never owned it for six months in the country of registration! so in other words, dont buy an english plated car out here, its illegal to buy and illegal to sell i suppose!

The devil is in the detail.


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