Wednesday, April 16, 2008

yesterday we went down to marbella, and then to puerta banus.... then popped into coín for a few groceries... above is a guy up a palm tree trimming the lower branches, was clever how he uses the metal feet things to lever himself up and down the tree, also held on by a waist belt thing!

here above is señor banus. a shot from behind of him looking towards to harbour....

today we went to ikea first for lunch of meatballs etc etc... dime cake to follow... mmmm nice! we then drove down to the beach entering the paseo at the very beginning of torremolinos, we did a drive through there then went to, and parked at the marina in benalmadina... we went to the sea life centre, lots more photos tomorrow.... on the way home we stopped in mijas pueblo for pancakes and ice cream! i am so eating everything i hadnt been eating over the past two months, but not MSG! we, the four of us also came down to mijas last night and we had a lovely dinner at our favorite restaurant...

last week went so fast with barry here, and now this week with tony.... poor baz had the worst weather, its been ok so far this week, was full sun till today and now a bit of cloud, but its still 25 degrees, cloud again tomorrow and then rain is forecast... lots of people have friends and family over this month? it always rains in april! why do we always forget this?

i think i am forgetting lots to tell you this week, going to so many places and seeing so many things, i may remember next week, or then again....

Death does not allow us to postpone all the things we can expericence now
The Pilgrimage


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