Thursday, April 24, 2008

i know i have a link to the right here on, but i am putting a direct one in here to this months warrior of the light online, paulo coelho site about writing...

sometimes when i write i could write all day, words spilling out of my fingers onto the keyboard just keep on and on, other days i think when i start i have nothing to say! as if i ever have nothing to say... often during the day i think of things to write later, then forget, i keep a note pad on me know so i can put down a note.... then i get home and look at what i have written and think what on earth is this!

has a friend who is spanish and when she comes across an english word she doesnt know she writes it down and checks it later, good idea, so i am doing that now too, and writing it is better, as i had been putting the words into my moible phone and just never bothering to check them! one day last week we needed the word for ceiling... 'techo'... i made up a sentence to help me remember it, sono spiacente i miei amici in Italia per questo, but its said in an italian accent... "you techo my ceiling i techo your face"...

franco and i were out hunting down a type of paint and saw techo and knew immediately what it was for!

and as usual the perfect quote...

The warrior knows that in all languages the most
important words are the small words,
Yes. Love. God.
They are words that are easy enough to say,
yet fill vast empty spaces.
Manual of the Warrior of Light


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Pia said...

beautiful quote and great post. Grazie per la considerazione che hai per i tuoi amici italiani!