Saturday, April 19, 2008

problems with up loading some photos so will skip until later to tomorrow.... its raining today! a little yesterday too on tony and stephs last day on their holidays here with us... but i think all in all they were very lucky, a little on thursday also, but the rest just sunshine and some clouds now and then! poor barry and lex had rain nearly everyday, and lots of it!

yesterday we got the bus to malaga city and had a bit of lunch and a quick run around! a tramp being arrested, or at least removed from the street, we will just say he wasnt fully dressed for the rest of us!

and now theyre all gone... back to nottingham, st albans and aylesbury respectively! nest not empty though... pippa is here!

more bad things to do with dogs.... we were out the other evening down in town, bar rosa to be exact and outside a small boy was standing just kicking a dog that was tied up there... we went in and the owners came out to sort the boy out... owners being his family! god help that dog... and in the paper yesterday 20 bodies, of dogs found thrown away like garbage, but the claws marks show they or at least some of them survived the drop to try to claw theyre way out, up successfully. and finally a man i was talking to in the shop said his neighbor told him not go walk in a direction he was going... as that way is where they hang the dogs they dont want any more.

good quote for today....

Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts.
But not knowing which decision to take
is the worst of sufferings.
By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept


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