Sunday, April 20, 2008

these are the photos i tried loading yesterday, this is the Buddhist Temple at benalmadena... it opened october 2003 and the gold bit on top... is gold. it is the largest Buddhist monument in the western world.

we have been up to the building a lot of times, but never until this day have we gone in, there are instructions as you walk in the walk in a clock wise direction and your wishes 'may' come true, so off i walked in totally the other direction huh! what was i thinking, when we came out i said to tony and steph about the instructions and tony said yes we read it, then thought why is mom going the other way!!! who knows...

this is only one of the interior photos i took, others to follow...

it is also very near here there was a terrible coach crash last evening, details in link...

There is no such thing as a strange world,
only a new one.
The Alchemist


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