Monday, April 07, 2008

look how rude, bra and panties hanging from the tree! but seemed as good a place as any, although the pink tag there looks a bit strange and misleading from here.... ooops!

this was bits of our stall on sunday down at tivoli world, was a beautiful day, warm sunny and very nice, didnt do much in the way of trade, sold a few bits, not quite enough to clear the days debts though! we had got up at 630am, left as usual for this place at 730, then we had to wait for nearly 3/4 hour at the gate before they let us in!

and at the end it was awful trying to get out, with the crowds of people walking about!

barry and lex are having a good holiday, although the weather today has changed, they met me in town and we went down to miramar, while we were in there the weather turned and it was pouring when we left, we also left the bad weather behind on the coast and managed to get home safely enough, then about 2hrs ago the heavens opened and down came the rain up here, also the power went out! but only for a short while...

lex hadnt been here before and on the way back from the airport we passed through a rather 'quaint' area, shacks and buildings with no roofs, or walls! and i said here we are! just joking....! yes well i suppose you had to of been there!

poor pippa has hurt her dew claw, i think she has rushed up to the railings, as she does, and her claw went past and through the railing and pushed it back! arh my poor baby, its not bothering her, but i think it needs sorting out soon.

Eat when it is time to eat.
And walk when it is time to walk.
The Alchemist


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