Wednesday, April 30, 2008

feeling like i am missing out on telling y'all something very important, and each time i sit down to write it goes right out of my head just leaving a slight glimmer... then as i chase it goes altogether!

and now as i write franco is wrestling with the tv up stairs so he can see if the chelsea match is on spanish telly he is moving the freebox and complaining and talking to it... as if 'it' knows which plugs goes where.....!

tomorrow i take some pics of our new park up here which opened the week barry and lex were here... lots going on here tomorrow so hope to get some good photos... last night people were up and about very late, as i lay in bed trying to sleep so luckily they didn't wake me eh because it was about 2 or 3am! i don't suffer with insomnia usually, in fact very rarely and i am more prone to sleeping any time of day or night... not whilst driving i hasten to add, but with fibromyalgia sleep is one thing that does take us over. in the end i came down stairs and made a list of all the things i needed to do today, all done, except pay the water bill.... again! i was so excited about the machine where we can just go in and flash the bar code at it and pay... then today it denied me! so again, it will have to wait and maybe, again we will get a fine as we haven't paid it one time... humph!

i did get to sleep eventually... trouble is more i move about to try to sleep the more aches and pains i get, and, keep franco awake and then pippa kept getting up to see what i was doing... its getting warm for her now, you can always tell she starts to sleep on the cool floor...

i am putting in an order for warm weather in ol' blighty when i get there on friday please... or at least no rain! especially as i am travelling up to nottingham from luton as soon as i get there... then on saturday back down to a friend who lives in rushden, near bedford, looking forward to seeing everyone and my diary is getting full...

oh i remember.... two things the new market on a saturday and the tunnel!!!

firstly the market, or rather car boot sale... its this saturday may 3rd 10am to 2pm, at El Nacimiento, take the road out of alhaurín el grande towards fuengirola, but take a right before the water tower, (the biggish main road i mean, not the first track!) down to the finca la mota bar/restaurant, with this infront of you take a left, el nacimiento is signposted and is down the road after only a couple of minutes on the right, its big so keep going, you wont miss it!

we checked it out today and it looks a nice place, never heard of it before, its closed on mondays but open from 14.40 till 22.30 rest of the week apart from weekends when they open mid day! and i hope they enjoy all this free advertisment! LOL

phew... oh yes the tunnel! theyre building a tunnel which will link the coastal road to churriana/de la torre road, and its been started, when it will be finished i dont know, when tony steph and i were on the bus the other week i saw a lot of road works going up on the right hand side and commented on it! when i am back from england i will see if i can get some photos of the works in progress!

Feelings form part of a world
in which time, space and frontiers do not exist.


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