Monday, April 28, 2008

week of the santa vera cruz....

lots of festivities this week, began yesterday with lots of rockets going off and everyone, who has them, having the green cloths hanging from their balcons...

although we were at the S.E.P.E. market yesterday... very hot it was, thank goodness a nice lady loaned us her para sol, or we would have been toast!

franco has been working so hard on these ornaments, and theyre selling well, thank goodness! the one about a grumpy man makes everyone laugh, well mostly the wives... i think 90% of the men said they were grumpy, and i think the other 10% are in denial!

(its me thats grumpy in our house though! and you know i dont care any more, i have accepted it at last, and what a relief!)

The only way to save our dreams
is by being generous with ourselves
The Pilgrimage


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