Thursday, April 10, 2008

April showers....

well barry didnt want it to be too warm... well it hasnt been that for sure!

rain rain rain... although today we had lots of breaks of sunshine too, at last! this morning on our way to town, franco drove me in to save me drowning! the crack of thunder and lightening right over head was amazingly loud!

our tarp on the roof was threatening to fly off over town again this afternoon, and a few plants went walk about! barry lex and i went for a walk during a sunny spell, we went as far as the old cork mill and the wind was so strong it was hard to walk... it blew off my sun glasses.... and this evening i have hung up some washing... some under cover but the rest will have to spend the night out in the open... thats if it manages to hold on tight!

yesterday we went to mijas... but didnt stay long the rain was too heavy and you couldnt see the view for the clouds even on the way down to the pueblo, we went on to la cañada instead for some dry under cover shopping! was a long way to go via mijas though.... and in the evening we ate up the crazy cod on blas infante, wonderful food up there...

tuesday we went down to the car windscreen place at miramar parque, we needed... well a new windscreen... en español 'parabrisa'... as in 'for breeze'.... the four of us left the dry workshop and ran along to miramar shopping centre, soaked by the time we got there! had some pizza and a bit of a walk about then franco and i went to get the car, was pointless all of us getting soaked all over again! although we did just getting from out car to the house... there was a small stream running down the road we couldnt avoid!

tomorrow tony and steph arrive... both my boys in the house....

The warrior of light only risks his heart
for something worthwhile.
Manual of the Warrior of light


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