Thursday, April 17, 2008

few more photos from the water park down at benalmadina yesterday.... when we were on our way there we came from the direction of torremolinos, as a fair few times before... there is a road going down under the main high street, its always been there and like the one in fuengirola, but unlike the one there that leads to the car park, this one leads to the marina! only this was the first time we have ever taken it! usually we drive up to the round about and then take the exit down to the sea, or even, go past it and take c/goya which comes out directly in front of the car park areas... i am such a person of habit, it sometimes is worthwhile trying something different!

i am really trying to not have such wobbley photos...

today, as i finished late, tony and steph met me from work and we went just to la trocha where they were finishing at the market today! is it wednesday again?

Never cease doubting
When the doubts stop
it is because you have stopped journeying


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