Wednesday, April 23, 2008

some wonderful works of art in the Buddhist Temple...

there was also an exhibition down stairs which we will go to next time..

its been a beautiful day today... summery and clean smelling if you know what i mean!

yesterday and today on my way down into town in the street near the bread museum has been the biggest stray i have ever seen here in spain! a huge old st bernard! big old bear of a dog, yesterday he was accosting, in a friendly manner a local lady who was only a head above him! she asked me to tell him to go home in english, which seemed weird but i did as i was told 'go home!' and he turned and walked off up the hill!

again today there he was, looking lost and sad with a bit of string hanging from his collar...

we're getting ready for the aqua mania market on friday, franco is making garden ornaments like a crazy person! we have them every where drying or being painted or setting! so many faery doors in every color possible... i hope they have garden faerys here?

The search for something
can prove as interesting as finding it.

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