Wednesday, August 26, 2009

couple of photos i took up in Mijas pueblo last year i think... these houses are on the path out towards to gardens...

I do laugh when i watch these living in the sun programs... today or maybe yesterday? they were commenting on a ruin, quite a large ruin though, and said well the lands the important bit, and 109 thousand pounds was a lot for a plot of land he said!

well i think he has lost the plot! the ruin was old, and big, so hopefully as long as you don't go outside the size of what's already there, and use as many of the walls still standing an illegal build notice wont come thumping down on your heads! because the land would be cheaper without the ruin and if it became illegal... the land would be worth nothing!

some people only want large rooms with the whole walls of windows... and if they're not there they say they will put them in... well anyone who lives here knows the heat summer holds... and the smaller the amount of sun that comes in the cooler the house the better!

this house has always sold clothes from the front of it, well for the last 20 years i have been going past it at least! *and i think some of these clothes are from then too!!!*

Franco came home early so we did a drive to Mercadona and filled up the cupboards and fridge... we had mussels mariner for dinner, followed by a salad topped with a strange sliced beef and mustard thing we found! still was very nice!

also did Mom's tesco shop today on line, she was so pleased to see a friend that came up to see her yesterday, from so far away too! and hopefully we shall go down to visit with him when i am over in a few weeks time, but we will stay over... Mom is getting a whole list together of places to go and things to see.... and i have written my list of what to take... and it is small, the barest of minium things.... i am so fed up with carrying stuff i never use, so less will be best this time! it will be wash and wear and wash and wear again! i may be taking too much foot wear though... walking boots for a charity walk i am going on, wellies... for the rain! normal shoes and normal boots! good thing thats about all i am taking! oh and tons of chargers... for... phone/ds lite/note book/toothbrush!!!

I went on a diet, swore off drinking and heavy eating, and in fourteen days I lost two weeks.




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