Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ANother odd selection of photos taken over the last couple of days... above as promised the wisteria plant, this is only the top half of it, beautiful and lush... but where are las flores?

this view taken Saturday evening from the BBQ at Los Olivos, Calypso... and showing our old apartment block down there... our front door was open... rejas closed, of course, and our back bedroom window open up stairs... duplex apartment. even our friend and old neighbour came out of her place at the end there and waved!

i know the pomegranate is in view up above, but look closely... or just look below and there is the cicada which was making all the fuss on Sunday when we came home....

... very odd looking things aren't they? and the noise just like an electricity pylon buzzing away at close quarters!

as i write Mom is waiting for a good friend of ours to arrive... and he just has to say he is stuck on the M25 and about half hour away....

i cant believe the people coming up our street, the road is shut, the barricade across the street, but people just don't take any notice at all, trouble is only about one in ten can actually reverse in one manoeuvre so its forward back forward back, with every turn of the steering wheel i fear for the front of our house! a few minutes ago people were beeping at a van parked up near here, because they are working on the new paving(!) but you cannot get out the other end, there is no road ok!

did i tell you c/Burgos is finished? i think so, the high street, after four months... is still closed from this end and you can only come up out of town on it, when a truck isn't blocking the way of course! and the coast road! i cannot see it being completed in a year, they will have to move rapidamente if they're going to get it done! can you imagine shutting a main artery road back in England! a road that has no other equal, as in a by pass or something, a road thousands use every day, and shutting it! for a year? no way... josé!!! oh and making all adjacent road un-usable at the same time! hey ho! only en España!

just had a call hoping it was Mom to tell me news... she is also waiting for the district nurse to come, late.. but it was friends who have recently moved back to blighty, i had texted to ask if they have a number for the girls who have the house next door, remember the water leak?? its back, not sure if someone has turned back on the hot tub, but we have a problem... everyone who passes looks up, especially if they have been unlucky enough to have caught a drip from above!

ok.... adios amigos...

oooops quote! forgive me if i repeat myself...

Heavy thoughts bring on physical maladies.




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