Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday evening now.... hot hot hot! and we are under attack from ants! i opened the persiana this morning and when i looked down there was a nice little run of the little devils! they had slipped in from one end of window and were running to the other end... to find? what exactly? i don't know and nor did they as the return line was running parallel and back out from whence they came!

so i committed a bit of mas murder(sorry!) and jammed up the places on entry temporarily with candle wax, always works! and this evening Franco went around the whole window with some gun and filler! from the outside you can see where they are coming up from the street up the wall and into some pipes that are fitted... coming out of the wall for what? i dont know, but thats a bit of a worry is it? ok something else to fill with that gun me thinks!

this morning i also fed my friends cat up in the car park, she was glad to see me, after eating her way through the bowl of food she didn't want me to go, hope she is ok, i bet she misses her 'mommy', and she doesn't even know she wont be coming back.... and if my friend is reading this this will be a gilt trip read for her! what i really want is for the cat to come into our garden so i can feed her, but this will involve Pippa's co oporation! yes well we shall see!

we have another new way down to the coast now, Franco sussed it out, you dont even have to go as far as the turn off for Mijas Pueblo... and you come out near Mijas golf resort! i was going to take some photos... but the batteries went as soon as i turned on the camera! must recharge them! now!

its a good trip, bit bumpy in parts, narrow road, bulls held back from the track by electronic low level fencing in places! and some good looking villas just dotted all over the place! one has the most wonderful infinity swimming pool, the tiles look blue, then the water, from a distance it looked first like the wall was of glass, but i think that would be impossible!?!

coming out onto the Mijas road you would never believe it was even a road! then the worse part is still the road from the BP garage and Morenos roundabout! its so funny some drivers behind you drive right up to your bumper, then the road gets rough and where are they?.... outta sight man, outta sight!

we had a lovely lunch with friends, they fired up the (gas) BBQ and away we went! very very nice... which reminded us we must use our stove up on the terrace, first get a can of gas up there, then use it! in another couple of weeks it will be just pleasant enough up there to do so!

Mom is already looking forward to my visit with her next month... she has a list of where she wants to go! her bucket list is still long and wanting to be fulfilled... the new tablets seem to be working, she is feeling good, Mom went into town yesterday with her buddy, and on returning went to the bus stop a man and woman were sat down with half a dozen bags around them, and on the seats, Mom asked if they could move them a bit please as she needed to sit down, these were youngish people by the way, anyway the man just looked at her! so she said, these are your groceries? and he said yes, so she just stared at him and said well? so he moved them a bit, just enough for Mom to have a seat, she would normally give up her seat for her friend, but she couldn't yesterday, really needing to sit down, after all she hadn't been down town for ages on her own. but the cheek of the man eh! whatever happened to common courtesy and all that, letting two ol gals just stand there, twice their age! i said to Mom, i should be expecting a call from the local police next saying my Mom is in a cell and needing to be bailed for being cheeky!

well i guess she thinks... what the heck!

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.




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