Thursday, August 27, 2009

just cant stay away can i? got home about quarter to five this afternoon... house was cool for a short while then... well you know how it is, in came the heat and its hello to a small micro climate going on in your blouse!
had a lovely unexpected day today... i left the house about 10am planning to go and see my amiga in the animals in distress shop in town... but met up with friends on the high street, we had a coffee....
then i spent a few hours with them... we went to La Trocha first to run an errand... that was fun! we left Richard to pop into the local radio station and Mavis and i went up the escalator (the flat sort, not with stairs!) we were following a woman who was pushing a shopping trolley and a guy who had a two wheeled trolley thing, where you load it up with boxes lean it back and push, you know the sort? anyway, they were both heavily loaded with boxes, she got off the escalator ok, but he got stuck... yes you can imagine! we were coming up behind him fast and he was just stuck, trying to push the wheel off, the boxes nearly fell off, he tried again.. and we were on him! Mavis was telling them to push the stop button.... and i was moon walking! well kind of walking but going no where, thank goodness no more people were immediately behind us or there really would have been a pile up! in the end my friend got round him, well by falling onto the arm of the trolley to switch of escalator!!!

later on when we were back down and looked up a dozen or more people were on their way up, two with pushchairs, you can imagine the carnage that would have happened if they had been there earlier!

we went from there to their home, out beyond Villafranco.... sat and talked, well i talked... and listened!!!! we had a lovely lunch with desert, freshly prepared plums and ice cream...

more talk... and a drive back to town... they were going to make me walk.... just kidding ;-)

photos above taken on their terrace and of two kittens that are staying over just now... cute little things, their mom was a little camera shy, so its just them in the gallery today!

next doors leaky wall seems to have dried up for now... fingers crossed, one little thing i can stop stressing about... just the one!

i was telling my friends today about a dream i had the other night... a weird obstacle dream where i had to keep going round this garden/area, whatever, i had a path that was very narrow and crumbling beneath my feet, but there were minute crevices and if i ran very very fast i could hold on to them to support my self... then if i had to stop... the ground started to give way and i knew i would fall... i suppose this really is how i feel just now, if i keep going, and the faster i go the less i have to think and worry, because if i stop, i do feel as though i am falling....

i will be glad now to get to see Mom, our friend who saw her tuesday emailed me and said how well she looked which is good, but i want to see her now for myself, and spend some time...

Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday.




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