Thursday, August 13, 2009

when will this heat subside? if its not enough being hot out, in the house, wherever you are its just hot... then go into a cool air conditioned shop... and what? get a cold sweat instead! its still in the 30's on the terrace in the shade, the nights are slightly better... but, the fan is still going a 100k an hour above our heads!

last night i got up onto the terrace to check out the meteor shower, as usual in August... and WOW! i have been lucky to see enough falling stars as they're called... but i only saw two last evening, but these two were bigger and better than any i have ever seen before, normally they are small and quick and seem so so far away... the first one i saw last night i almost screamed! it came hurtling from right to left a great big giant ball of fire! and the second one about an hour later! the same! they were both like something from a Spielberg movie! absolutely amazing things...

its not wonder us foreigners have a bad name... or thought of us strange... i am sure i wasn't the only one who seemed to be sun bathing in the dark last night from our roof terrace, laid out on a sun bed, in the dark!?! well really!

i did think at one point that a roof top party down the next street over were having a meteor gazing party... lots of people, the lights went off, all was quiet... and then bam on with the lights and 'feliz compleaños'! (happy birthday)to some surprised person, so on went the party with all that extra light bleed, muchas gracias personas alli!

also joining me last night were the local bat community from over the road, their little high pitched noises above my head! and a big white owl, not sure who more more scared him or me!

am disappointed i didn't see more, meteors i mean, but those two were beauties...

today i paid my taxes... a couple of small amounts from 2003 and 2004????

i had a cold drink with Cyrils family who are ready and off for home tomorrow after their dads/brothers service last week, everything sorted, more or less...

then a coffee with friends who we will see again later tonight who are off also, tomorrow, back to England permanently though, she has been here over 25 years.... everyone is leaving! just wish they were all going to be in the same place back in the UK, but they are going to be all over the place, 100's of miles in between and on the map looking where they will all be, looks like the shape of '?' a question mark!

Is life not a hundred times too short for us to stifle ourselves?



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