Monday, August 31, 2009

what a morning! and i haven't even left the house, well apart from Pippas early morning run *walk*!!!

Mom wants to go to Paris, and i had previously checked out Eurostar and hotel packages, these have gone up 55 pounds since i last looked!

we also have a list of places in England and i checked out a bit of a route of all these places, but with stop overs making 6 nights? we're now not sure weather to do the Paris trip or the more local road trip! Mom wants to go to Herne Bay, a favourite of ours when i was a little girl, then of course Bungay in Suffolk, another place we went to a lot once my Mom met my Step-Dad.... lots of good memories... plus all the others!

i want to check out prices on cabs and eating in Paris first, then we will make a decision, maybe....

i must have been on here for hours, my hands ache and i need food and water.... i may be back later amigos...

so many things on my mind... places to go, people to see.... ok going to add pain killers to my list of immediate needs...


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