Monday, August 10, 2009

right today... new week new lot of worries do's and donts!

i decided not to leave it any longer and renew my residencia! so we were up at 5.30am, out an hour later in Fuengirola at 7am! well there are changes a foot! it used to be that if you did not get there before at least 8am you stood no chance of getting a number to be seen at all that day, well no longer, you have to have an appointment... well nearly i guess as we did not! but that's not what it says on tinta net! i down loaded forms last evening, filling them out on line and then printing and there they were, all neat and tidy, two the same, one for them, and for some reason, one for me! but the forms were incorrect. we have to go back Friday morning now with some extra documents and copies of! my old passport before name change, the old residencia card (on line it said you may not even have to show the old one!!!) so i didn't bother copying it! while we were there Franco mentioned that he no longer had his NIE number certificate, so with a copy here and a payment (10 euros) there... back to the police station and at least Franco came away with that done and dusted!

and since being home we have had notification that there are two letters from the Hacienda (tax office) waiting for me at the post office now ...oh joy of joys what now? will find out mañana weather i want to or not!

the last, but one, part of the local reform of all our roads here in the historic part of town has been going on now for about four months i guess, since semana santa, its right here by our Vera Cruz, the green church, and the little side road down into the car park, well walking up here most mornings i have made a metal note to tell you something! and so i am! the road here will be narrower, like the parts before and after it, with small pull in's for loading and unloading, so this will be fun! also there was a nice little garden area and parking behind for the houses near the church, well not sure if they will be putting back the little garden, but the parking is gone! at night they packed their cars in there, about ten or so i think, so where will they be parking i wonder?

also when i got today i listened for telephone messsage and one was a little worrying it was a recorded message telling us that someone had been trying to access our entry code on the phone? sounds like internet bugging! which is odd because recently Franco's Twitter account has been invaded by someone....

you know how i am getting rid of unwanted stuff.... well Franco is bringing stuff in???? bung it in the cave he says! not on your nelly!


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