Monday, August 24, 2009

tomorrow i will up load a great photo i got of a cicada yesterday as we came home, he/she was making a heluvva noise outside the house!

was soooo tired yesterday when i got up! was home very late from our BBQ down on the coast, we didn't leave there till nearly 1am! so by the time we got home and to bed was about 3am! and of course Pippa had no qualms about waking me up at 8am for her walk! i was lucky she let me have that extra hour!

no napping either yesterday, we went to Miramar parque and Miramar shopping centre in the morning, and back home for the Grand Prix! but, as the repeat of XFactor from the night before coincided we kept switching and missing both in a way!

did see my neighbours cat when we came home after the BBQ, so i kept quiet in case she recognised my voice! i strangly enough didn't have any cat food on me and felt bad about that! then later... Sunday morning Pippa and i came across her again but of course, she ran! from Pippa!

Pippa keeps getting shut in the cave! we have decided she is going in there as its the coolest place in the house....! as in colder.... i mean yes its a pretty cool place, not everyone has a cave after all eh!!! i have to clear out some of the earth thats filling the trough at the moment, from when Franco decided to enlarge it a little! so we have a niche in there, where we didn't before, but its brown and earthy, so i must do that this week, bag it up and move it on out! and maybe paint that niche white!

i also at last sorted out the box of photos, i had moved a bunch out of an old suitcase and still had another two plastic boxes to put the rest, they had been living in the dining room for a few weeks now... another *tick* on my list of to do...

and apart from normal house wifey stuff, that's about it for today...! the plants had suffered a bit without being watered Saturday evening... and no figs ready for now, about another 5 or 6 on the tree but still very small! unusually the wisteria at the back of the house which the out side stairs is still growing wildly! normally at this time of the year it just.. is... but its out doing itself, no flowers yet... and i don't mean this year, i mean any year? why???? someone told me it can take 12 years for a wisteria to flower... is this true?

well Mom was doing well, last week after suffering for far too long, district nurses came to see her and put her well on the way to mending...then over the weekend, no one! Mom called later this afternoon, as no one had come yet today and spoke to the original nurse from last Monday who was horrified that no one had come out to her since Friday... so now someone has, and tomorrow again too, hopefully...

They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.




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