Tuesday, August 11, 2009

phew... what a day! left home about 9am, had a word with the neighbours about a water leak they have... still have, the street is soaking out there, and they're house has damp now 2' up the wall, and i suppose ours does too, but the tiles are hiding it... you can see the water running out from the top of the wall, i think maybe their hot tub is leaking, although its not on the terrace but actually running through the cement! we have a concreted space between our houses and i am concerned its filling up with water! spanish houses can be damp enough already without pouring water into them!

anyway, we will see if they do anything about today, they were going to the aqua park today!?!

when we were coming home on Thursday (?) from the coast, the police were with a man on his property and sticking signs on it, another illegal build i guess, and today Franco see's the house has been taped up, no access! its so sad...

a house down our street also has a sticker on it, although after 300 years its not going to be an illegal build(!), but it is from the electricity board saying, the electric is cut off and the money owing is over 900Є, phew that's a wopper!

this morning after going into the bank, with the bill for my recidencia, i erm didn't pay it, i had forgotten to fill it in and my card was at home ready with all the other documents for the 2nd visit to the police station!

then... down to post office to collect letters from the hacienda, nice, looks like bills from 2003 and 2004? which is strange has these have already been paid a long time ago, are they running a little short and need some extra cash? how ridiculous! have to look into it...

then i popped into the cafe picnic up the other end of town to where i normally go, its near the animals in distress shop i was headed for next, had a nice coffee, lots of pastries and wonderful looking celebration cakes for sale, and made to order.

from there to see friend in the shop, and i ended up working in there till nearly 2pm! and boy am i paying for it now, bring on the pain killers amigos! i sat when i could but was in charge of getting three or four boxes of books up and out of the way, lots of nice things came in... always bad when that happens! but didn't come home with anyway.... (i made a list though in my mind!)

i tried the lawyers place, twice, but not open!

now dinner is nearly ready and my hands which were already hurting are worse, so its hasta luego amigos, hasta mañana....

You cannot step twice into the same river; for other waters are always flowing on to you.




just come back as i have just received this bit of information about the Perseid meteor shower ... we have a shower each year to be seen from here in Andalucia, but is usually around the 16th so not sure if this is it!? great photo on here....

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