Tuesday, August 04, 2009

notes on my phone for here is not a working idea! put on three sound bites and then had more trouble playing and deleting than if i had just used a piece of paper!

notes were....

Pippa this morning met a friends cat and it not only did not run from her but came up to her and they sniffed each others noses before the cat went to try Pippas other end! i think the cat thought it was a dog! then it rolled onto its back! i think it wanted Pip to give it a tickle!

other note was Ben Shepherd on GM.TV was telling everyone he has a Roomba! well bit late! Tony's had one for ages.....

there was another note but i dont know what it was!

paid a couple of bills today, the IBI (house tax), and another one(?) still the basura (rubbish) to pay, these three always come in as a job lot but on three separate bills which is good!

just read above and sounds a bit mechanical but you see i am trying to put off telling something which is making me sad.... not Mom folks she is good ok!

but i learned today of the passing of a good friend of mine on Friday past, he had been unwell, although hiding his true illness from us, we could tell things were not as ok as he kept saying they were. such a great shock. so we have a cremation tomorrow for a dear friend...

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.




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