Thursday, August 20, 2009

my mind is elsewhere and its late i know but i better get blogging... its dark now when Pippa and i go out for our morning walk! at least Pippa is used to the many people we see every morning! standing on the edge of the park over looking out over the guadalhorce valley and Alhaurín in the foreground, the sky is red over the mountains, much like the evenings... you can hear cocks crowing, donkeys braying and many many dogs barking!

i learnt today that dogs that run out in the campo in the corn etc and other of those type of grasses can get the corn stuck between their toes... where it can start to grow! and is really painful to remove, as you can imagine... never thought of this happening, apparently it can also occur in the dogs ears!

didn't do much yesterday... only house stuff, and today went up to the animals in distress shop to see my friend... on the way, although early lots of people i know were out and about, still trying to get done things early before the heat hits... we shouldn't be moaning, its just we have had no reprieve... its still 36º in the shade on the terrace...

and ants! they're really on an all out strike attack in our house, at every turn there is a little scout looking to hunt out any little morsel! on here earlier a movement caught my eye... and there was an ant on the cable bringing in the internet! no crumbs on here mate... i can assure you!

i think i am losing my marbles... just in case any of the find any! they are mine! this morning when Pippa and i got back from our walk i put her lead... in the bin!!! i didn't even notice till later putting some actual rubbish in there! i wonder if Pippa noticed... and thought, well that's that then... no more walkies for me!

Dreaming is to think by moonlight by the light of an inner moon.




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