Saturday, August 08, 2009

el fin de la semana! weekend! i remember thinking why don't the Spanish have a word for weekend like 'we' do! doh - week end -! literal definition of course of el fin de la semana - the end of the week -!!

i have just spent over an hour sorting my way through one box of my old memorabilia, i was trying to thin it out somewhat, well i have a few bits, although on closing the box it neither seems lighter or easier to close?

its not an easy job either! lots of birthday and christmas cards from family... who are no longer on this side of the plain... stuff from the boys when they were little, only one pack of Barry's school stuff in this box, some artwork that is very good. above painting are two guys in silhouette but on another page drawn complete and one guy is holding a drum and the other a trumpet!

i wonder if he remembers these?!?

not sure when i will do the other three boxes, in time eh! you know when its time to stop... when i was taking above pic and i dripped mascara onto the inside of my glasses! that was my hint!

8th of the 8th today! i remember 8.8.88, i was in Torrevieja! my first visit to españa! i am too melancholy today i think, should move my mind onwards and upwards...

so! my Mom, she is ok, tired and a few after effects of the radiation therapy, this is effecting her much more than the chemo did, much more invasive, as they said it would be. she is seeing the specialist again on 13th i think. next thursday.

i am sitting much more comfortably now too! the two two seater sofas we had have moved on to pastures new! our neighbours sister actually, and when she arrived i knew her! from one of the local shops, so that was nice...

and now we have another neighbours sofa! friends from down the road and round the corner! they are off to pastures new like their sofa...! this is the longest sofa in the world! it almost takes up the whole length of our living room, of course you may wonder at the size of it depending on the length of your own living room amigos!

the in between time of the others going and late last night, under cover of darkness... more because of the heat and weight of this thing than anything else! we had the little two seater camping sofa thing we used at the car boot sale, ok for a little while, and was very handy having a drinks area in the arm rest! a little deep net basket thing... very good, although there was only one, on Franco's side... of course!

the other day we got rid of my old computer, was worrying dumping it in a bin, i had tried several ways of disabling it so no one could get into it for any information! easier said than done, but it ended up at the bottom of a skip! along with Franco's old lap top... at least we gave that a good clean in the kitchen sink before dumping it! do you think all that water will have made it a total no go area? Franco said maybe his newer lap top could do with a clean also, but i managed to change his mind on that one!

ok i seem to be in a strange mood today, so i think i will just spend some time surfing and twittering! and then relax(?)!

adios amigos


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me said...

thought that looked vaguely familiar o_O I think the actual silhouettes were from something else, so it wasn't that clever :p