Sunday, November 01, 2009

All Saints Day

well dont laugh but this was me last night... i was more dressed up than a few of the kids who came a knocking for treats! but most of them were wearing scary masks and clothing, mostly they came round in between two's and four or five, but then a gang of about a dozen i think were standing there trying to get into my bag of sweets! so i just told them to come in, and i sat down and handed them out! they left one by one as they received their sweets! they also left behind a bag of eggs... i expect they would have gone to those who didn't open their doors to this lot!

this morning walking Pippa there was a strange quiet over the land... we were swathed in a cover of damp cloud... very spooky... but still doesn't beat the sound of being in snow does it? i am having trouble remembering it actually, but that deep quiet all around ... and the funny crunch you make walking as the snow compresses... the chill on your skin and the flakes falling of the sleeping trees... erm right ok! now i am being weird!

so when i got home i went up on the terrace and took these two photos above... you see you cannot see the valley at all, never mind monte gordo or chica oposite! and the villages in the mountains? nada de nada hoy!

these next two, above and below is now, the sun is trying to come through and its getting warm but still the cloud is fighting for its life...

actually getting a bit of a headache so will leave this now, getting more dyslexic (had to spell check that!!) as i go, not sure if its my neck causing problems or too many sweets....


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