Monday, November 09, 2009

Just a quickie today... well if i can, went to see a doctor today, he is changing my meds, trying me on a different anti inflammatory, and trying me back on some nerve dulling things i havent tried for a long time, although Franco reminded me i did try some again about 4 years ago, they must have been so numbing i forgot i had tried them???

but i suppose i have to try them again as the flare up i am having now is so bad i really cannot cope with it at all, he said it could be RA, as this has showed up in a previous blood test.

but first *we* are giving these things another go, the last time i remember taking them was about 1995 i think, and i turned into a zombie... these are only 10mg of something some people take at 200mg! goodness knows how they cope with that!

i am going back with the results when i am back from England mid December, when he will also check my BP which didn't look good! he tested both arms!!! i normally have great BP really low, in fact almost abnormally low, today it was 160/80 which is graded as stage II, which is a bit of a shock to say the least!

i said i think i am in the wrong place and should have gone to the vets...

so amigos, i am going to leave you here and hope i am not to bleary eyed or cant wake up enough to blog ever again!

hasta pronto... and will be more cheery too, what with everything else ... this is just about the straw that broke the camels back! hence the wonderful picture by Pablo Picasso..


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