Thursday, November 19, 2009

"There is a secret
that almost nobody knows.

I will tell it to you
if you promise
to tell someone else:

The world isn't quite finished yet,
it isn't quite complete.

It's still

Everywhere you look
and everywhere you listen,
someone or something

is helping
to make the world."

wanted to share this poem above with you, curtsey of World Gratitude, i have been following them for a while now, words of wisdom, words to up lift....

made some notes today as the day has gone on or i cannot remember anything! my Mom is having trouble with her memory at over 80! well if things carry on like this i wont even remember my name by then!

so.. like my Mom and her calls to me, i shall take note of my notes...

today we have had rain, woke up to it at 7am, didn't realise it was raining though and opened the back door to let Pippa out and she backed in! so back to bed! yeah!

it stopped later and i went into town, only as far as i had to go though, and i was dressed for the occasion, flowery Wellington boots! longish purple sweater with shortish sleeves! and sun glasses! funny looks? actually no! most people were wearing coats and boots and carrying para aguas! glad i didn't have the coat i was boiling by the time i got home!

on the way down to the high street i remembered when i first came here how there were speakers outside most of the shops from the Vera Cruz church down to the department store at the bottom of the road, and from the speakers came municipal music! strange tunes... but missed now they're gone, progress? i am not so sure....

the book i am reading about this journey on a narrow boat from England to France is good, not my normal read, but very good, and now the couple are in Paris and talking of all the sights Mom and i saw from the river Seine... so i can picture them for real in my mind now, as i could of Leighton Buzzard when he mentioned there earlier on in the book!


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