Thursday, November 05, 2009

well now i see it on here it doesn't really look all of that as they say... its called Jo's coffee crumble cake... and i took the recipe from one in my quilters recipe books that i got one time i was back home in the states... had to work out the different quantities they use there, so different to the ones used in England... the amount of margarine sounded extraordinary huge till i turned it into ounces!

lots of sugar, but no milk whatsoever? oh and although its called coffee crumble cake, it means something to eat with coffee, there is no coffee in it! should have used vanilla, but had none, and something was missing(?) i added a layer of greengage jelly after half the mix was in the baking dish, then added the second half... it sunk to the bottom, but made it a nice base while eating! and the crumble is the topping, half and half of marg, brown sugar and some flour!

it does taste better than it looks... and only half left already! made it yesterday late afternoon....

couple of views from our terrace as the sun was coming down just now... its windy out there today forsure! we arrived at friends this afternoon around 4pm for coffee, and their washing was just being blown from Las Delicias to Coín!

keep getting confused what day of the week it is! with Franco not working at the moment we don't have any structure to the week and one day seems much like another!

i cant seem to remember, or find about our trip to Álora we made the other week to go to the tax office, so forgive me repeating myself if i have...

it only took the half hour Google maps said it would! on the approach to the town the road up is steep, and i mean steep, one helluva mountainside to climb! we got up it ok, and drove around the car park a couple of times and then got lucky when someone left a space, it was pouring too, absolutely chucking it down gatos y perros! we sat in the car and steamed it up waiting for it to let up, which it did!

it was only a short walk to the plaza and then the hacienda (tax office), i showed the desk man the aviso from the post office, he printed out another copy and told us it was a fine for something i had paid late!!!!

very unlike me, i never pay things late, just don't see the point, it was also four years ago, should have paid it october 22nd and paid it december 22nd instead! we were being given a 25euro discount so *only* had to pay 75euros! for what?? who knows... but you have to pay it, it would only have gone up to 100euros, and then more probably, followed by another fine for late payment no doubt!!!

(i am sure i have said this already) but the only thing i don't remember telling you was about the ant! that week was the time for flying ants, leaving here and going (somewhere else)??? well this little chap was on my window when we left home, and he hung onto the wet window, his little wings blowing in the breeze... all the way to Álora... he stayed there throughout our visit, hacienda and coffee, and all the way back home to Alhaurín! amazing... would be great to use his technology for something really useful eh!

Perhaps in time the so-called Dark Ages will be thought of as including our own.




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