Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a bit of a bleary foggy blog today... took my new meds last night at 8pm should have been7pm but was confused as usual, without the meds!!! an hour and half later i couldn't keep my eyes open so only saw a bit of the new series on every day this week! unable to catch up too! humph!

and to make matters worse i will take today at 7pm on time... because when the alarm went off at 7am this morning i couldn't move at all! Franco took Pippa out for a quick walk and i didn't get out of bed till 8.45! nightmare, so apart from feeling even more tired than i always do my joints were that much worse for laying down for so much longer! and i have had a fuzzy headache all day too, i feel doped up and lethargic! just put some make up to go out to the shops when they reopen shortly, we have run out of coffee!!!!

i normally *do my face*, i don't do much, but what i do do, i do right after breakfast weather i am going out or not, so not good eh!

pain wise, well no change, or am i being a bit ahead of myself, i guess i should give it a bit of time without giving up just yet on them. but if the only difference is me feeling this awful foggy feeling on top of all the rest, forget it.... and i will not keep taking them if i have a headache all the time either!

i think too i should check my BP in a chemist soon, seems odd the doctor just left it.. he said *ok, lots going on here...* dealing with my FM and possible RA? oh heck!

well this is turning into a great little blog today isn't it, me having to use the back button on numerous occasions due to bad spelling, worse than normal as i cant seem to keep my mind straight!

i think i will leave you here and get back to my book... leading lady in Rome, and a mention of Hemel Hempstead earlier, i love it when a book mentions somewhere i know, yes daft eh! but having been to Rome i can visualise where she is walking and what she is seeing... blah blah blah..

ok amigos i am of no use to anyone for now, so adieu!

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