Wednesday, November 04, 2009

this morning Franco and i went to the local social security office, nearest is in Coín, i thought i might be able to get a travel heath card, but you actually have to be working, under contract, to get one, which will only last 3 months.

so back to Alhaurín El Grande, and the health centre, i held the door open for a woman and then she had the cheek to que jump! and then... another woman came along and stood to talk to her for a minute before standing in line behind her... yes in front of us!!!

not sure how i kept it together, Franco was telling me to calm down while i was jumping up and down and screaming... well that was what was going on in my head... good thing we were in the health clinic eh!

we only had to stand in line for about half an hour i guess... seemed much longer, especially as a woman at the counter was having a go about something, waving her arms about, clapping her hands together, and slapping them down on the counter in front of a poor receptionist who didn't know where to look or what to do!

this went on the whole time we were waiting, and when she left, she briefly came back with a small child looking like she was handing him over and his poor little foot knocked the computer screen!

last evening i had copied every document i have of any consequence and the receptionist took most of them! i filled out as much of the form as i could and she ticked and crossed the rest for me and that was it! not sure exactly how much of the health system i will be able to access without actually being in work right now, but time will tell, and now hope to receive a health card in the future!(?) then *when* i get the card i will make an appointment and see whats what!

we popped into Mercadona and home again!

there was a bit of a breeze blowing when Pip and i went out this morning, but it was lovely, it was blowing a bit yesterday and we thought maybe a drop of rain would follow but nada!

yesterday i had coffee round at a friends apartment, her place is up for sale, she has had one daft offer, but i suppose these days at least she had an offer! the apartment is lovely, in town, and huge! its bigger than our whole house! 2 large bedrooms and a small one that is being used as an office, en suite to main bedroom which a whole wall of built in wardrobes, plus family bathroom, big dining room plus a breakfast room next to the kitchen.... although she has no area like our roof terrace, she has a great inner court yard, protected on four sides, and no windows looking into it from other people at all, she also has private access to the whole of the roof! and no i am not on commission even if it does sound as though i am selling this bright open first floor apartment!!! i just know she needs to be back in England with family and how unhappy she is now, her husband passed on this year and is empty without him....



Anonymous said...

cambia tu ubicación de twitter por 36.6429,-4.6900. Twitter te sitúa mal


Marian said...

buenos días,

creo correcto, tengo posición desde google.