Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i was just about to relax with a book when i realised i haven't blogged since couldn't remember when... saturday it seems, these meds are doing me in, read on the FM site this morning about something new i might try... funny how us FM sufferers are guinea pigs for so many different things... we will try almost anything you know if there is the slightest hope of it making us better...

i also came across a poem, will place at the end of today's post, it made me cry i must say

the truth does doesn't it....

also been talking to lots of other women with the same FM as me, i must admit in the past when i first registered on the site, and the odd times i have *popped in* as it were, reading other people stories, the same as mine mostly, has just made me depressed and felt worse than before, now, no, now i feel a certain comradeship, a joint army against what is pulling *us* down, and you know it is good to talk, and to talk with people who have the same symptoms which cause the same thoughts and feelings...

and to hear symptoms you have are real... because after a while you do wonder... especially how i have got so much worse this year, and why, and i am still willing to give things a go to improve myself, and i certainly have to, cant put up with this... i wont put up with this!

anyway... eh amigos!

photos.... so here today i welcome you to a new street here in Alhaurin el Grande... whats the name of it? ooops, didn't look, maybe soon eh!

top photo as seen from the park with the exercise stuff on... as you turn into the street the wall there and the other side of the road full of graffiti already, as everywhere it seems..and the next is the street as you head up to the main road with the Sierra de Mijas in the back ground...

and above looking back... looks lovely eh, well sort of, as in nice and clean and straight, cracks appearing between some of the houses already... lots of the door knockers are missing already, they were there the other week, not now...

the odd one going, maybe, but loads....

and this is the name of the little charmer leaving his (her?) mark everywhere just now, not sure why the *?* is the person unsure of their own name!!!!

no one lives here yet and by the time they do there may be very little left!


The pain we go through the agony within
how do I get rid of it fm its a sin
Shoulders hips knees and your neck
also to feel like a nervous wreck.
Take the tablets one by one
and off to pain clinic it might work for some.
I think of times long ago
when life was a breeze and fun it did flow.
I may be sick and have fm thats a curse
I am going to fight it and try not to get worse.


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