Monday, November 02, 2009

All Souls Day....

El Dorado this morning!and above is the church....

El Dorado was where we thought it was last time, but last time it just didn't look right, scruffy old buildings that looked like sheds, or porta cabins!

not sure if its been taken over since, but we parked up outside and walked in with Pippa...

we had a very nice coffee 1.20, so average price for here... Pippa made friends with Pedro, a big old dog who sat down and joined us, while the gardener was watering around us, then followed him about, we thought it was just Pip who shadowed us wherever we go.... building above looks like a town hall i think!

view again of the church and the little plaza in front.... its this church we can see from our terraza, at last after over four years i can now say it is for sure El Dorado we can see from home!

some of the houses, all these *homes* in the series are now used as hotel rooms, well hotel houses really! as are all the smaller cabins around the place, and there is a small square of *places* that look a bit like a Pontins holiday camp!

beyond these houses we came across a big building that may have been used as the social centre in the series, i now need to see an episode of it again to place it all up there... is it ever on tv these days though, i did think i may have been the only viewer! no i know i wasn't by what's on here... the WWW!

also going past this big building, no photo, is a huge (green) swimming pool followed by an (also green) wonderful lake! also no photos... *blushes* my batteries gone again in my camera, i must get some more rechargeable batteries soon! much more to photograph... we will be back!!!!


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