Sunday, November 08, 2009

mira! look! tar mac! on the Fuengirola road... don't blink though amigos or you will miss it! and its not quite as far as the garden centre yet, but nearly! and you can now access the garden centre again from the Moreno/BP round about again which is soooo much better than having to go through Alhaurín golf, and better for those residents too i guess!

just at the exit to the garden centre car park and looking right is the view above... Franco and i went there for a coffee and to take a walk down the road! well to have a nose of course, and i suppose there wont be much walking going on down here once its up and being used again, the speed the cars will be going!

its very wide in places, although the predicted (papers) four lanes, plus crawler lanes, does not seem possible.... some very nice retaining walls coming up in place... and water gullies with massive culverts... and hope they are massive enough!

we decided maybe driving down the road would have been better... i didn't, as usual, have walking shoes on, so was all over the place! and the wind was up!

prior to here, we went to La Trocha market first, so many more stalls! un believable, not even any car parking to the left or right as you enter the covered area which of late there has been, the outer car park was totally full and we squeezed in in the main one.

the whole of the car park was full, no spaces at all for one more trader! even the back wall which is normally just where you would walk around to get to the next isle! so great for La Trocha at 15 euros per stall! but less probably for each individual stall holder... seems to be lots of new stuff too, which had apparently been stopped(?)

it was a little breezy walking around there, wouldn't have wanted to be there from 7am like some friends i talked to had been! not without a think cosy coat and gloves anyway, should have had my gloves on today, and maybe another layer, its great there, under cover from rain and hot sun, but a gale blows through there on days like these...

ok, above, to the left the old road, and to the right, the new road....

so much here where we live we drive around these country roads going hither and... the other, and say "oh look, the old road!" well here will be another such place, well if they leave it like this!

well i am going to get on with my great new find, and read on line, my first down load book i just kind of jumped on one near the bigining Harriot Evens, titled I Remember You,i have never read anything of hers before, but am getting into it, the next book i read, i must check more carefully first i know so many books i want to read that i have seen and have caught my eye...

adio amigos...

Most people are on the world, not in it—having no conscious sympathy or relationship to anything about them—undiffused, separate, and rigidly alone like marbles of polished stone, touching but separate.




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