Saturday, November 21, 2009

not often you see bare naked trees around here... these are some of those burnt in the Mijas fire the other week... what with the color of the mountains beyond it makes the picture look so cold....

we stopped here too... there is a parcel of land for sale, not much bigger than a mans handkerchief! well a bit bigger i suppose, but the sign says room for 37 houses! as you can see there is a finca here just now....

yes well, the remains of one, there is a nice piece
of land just in front, room to turn a car, with power steering! so not ours!?! then its down hill on three sides and the drive up! so 37 houses????
look how think these walls were, but there on this little mountain shelf sticking out as it does, you would need them! no protection for the hot sun, and none from the winds either!

this morning we went down to the coast, we did a bit of a shop, Aldi and Iceland(!) bit cloudy again today, still warm, but up here the cloud is only just lifting now and its 2.30pm, we had a coffee down by the shops and sat out in the sun shine where the sea breezes move it on... here!

with the release recently of a new game Franco would like, although he hasn't had the first one yet, our minds turn to the difference in prices here from England... the game was down to about 26 pounds on release day, not sure what it is now, but here in Spain 86Euros! even the first one is over 60Euros! we noticed the other day too, a Robbie Williams CD he has just released, 7 pounds i think in England was over 17Euros!!! not sure if its just the shops ripping you off here, or some over priced charges they pass on?

.... the games here anyway are, well obviously in Spanish! but the other languages are French and maybe Portuguese! never English??? whereas the games you buy in England have them all, and more.... why??? the games packaging is all in English... but there it ends, so these are made especially for Spain, in fact some say not to be sold out side of Spain???

ok too may question marks today!

up date on Mom, she is rebelling and does not want to take some of her meds! too many side effects all causing more trouble than their worth! so is seeing the Professor at Mount Vernon a week early, i will now be missing her appointment!

me(?) my side effects, (must run in the family!) just as bad, insomnia now too, so although even more tired, less sleep!!!! all i can say is, don't let me drive....

We learn simply by the exposure of living. Much that passes for education is not education at all but ritual. The fact is that we are being educated when we know it least.




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