Wednesday, November 18, 2009

view from under our stairs... sound of the sea, lovely little island out there... muy buena!

catch up with Mom... she is doing ok'ish, she had been taking tablets for something and has decided not to take them any more! then asking the doctor afterwards! she hasn't been out for two weeks, which isn't like her at all, hopefully when i am over we will be able to get out a bit, i'm sure she will summon her inner strength... she regularly has family coming to see her to say *hello*, and making sure she has everything she needs, also good friends nearby, a chemist that delivers! i have been doing most of her shopping on-line for her, but hope she will be back out shopping with her friend soon once a week to a supermarket.

and reality... we went down to Las Lagunas this morning, coming and going through the campo and came across what the fire here had done to land the other week...

trouble pulling over with a car behind us all the time, none on the way down of course, typical!

people were very lucky didn't look like any of the many houses were touched, about 200 evacuated, and in the spring all will be green and healthy once more!

still the warm weather holding on tight! the other evening Franco and i walked down into town after the shops had reopened and i wore a skirt!!! shock horror! i dont think i wore a skirt all summer, shorts or jeans... felt weird!

monday i walked down town to see mate in the animal shop, and stopped for coffee with another friend by the cross roundabout in town, sat under the shade of a para sol! expect i will be needing my para agua when i get to England in just over a week will i? everyone was wearing too many clothes and having to carry cast offs!

me? the side effects of my meds are still doing me in more than making me better yet, this has taken twice the time as it seems sometimes someone else must be doing the typing as words appear that i don't want, whole words? not just typos! which is a bit un nerving, maybe my keyboard has a poltergeist! or of course could be my head ache... so adieu my friends for now...

Dreams are the soul's pantry. Keep it well stocked and your soul will never hunger.




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