Wednesday, November 11, 2009

got up earlier today and took Pippa for her walk, was a bit wobbley but she knows the way! and when i got home i had another little nap! because i sat down on the sofa and just went back out like a light!

i also walked down town in the hope of seeing a mate, but she was no where about, in fact no one was about! very quiet in town this morning at 10am! i also went into the farmacia to have my BP checked again, still high at 146/92! not sure really what to do, the doctor sort of went on to other things... but reading on here, which is probably the worse thing to do both these readings are this awful stage II!

driving down to the coast this morning down the rough track that goes behind the garden centre to Entrerríos, we could actually come out onto the road now, not have to drive along the river bed, so progress, even if it doesn't look like it!

but what i was going to say... so easily distracted i am, that during the drive i kept trying to tell myself to calm down! other drivers, state of the road, other drivers! i could hear my heart beating in my ears! hey ho!

its not like i eat badly, we eat fresh veggies and lots of fruit, no pre packed foods, i have a bit of exercise, walking Pippa and into town most days, i know that's not exactly the gym but with FM i am sorry its a no can do for me.

i can only think, although i have had plenty of stress before in my life, that stress is the cause, worrying about Mom, lack of work, therefore money and all that encompasses, which is in itself no small stuff.

oh how i miss the NHS you lucky lucky people over there in Blighty, don't you know how lucky you are... of course as are the people who *forgot* to mention they were leaving when they moved to Spain!

ok mustn't stress now about it!

so after Calahonda and checking out apartment, view above near by... we stopped off in La Cala, market day and busy, but we were lucky to find a car park space and had coffee at a friends bar, where we hadn't stopped for too long! while we were there we heard sirens going and by the time we left the N340 heading towards Fuengirola was backed up on both sides... so that determined our journey home, back up the La Cala road past turn off for Entrerríos, then the road towards Fuengirola but taking the golf road off on the left, then it was track from there to the Mijas pueblo road! no goats or bulls today... and i had my camera at the ready, we could smell them, but not see them!

when we got home Franco took the boiler off the wall, we are having the worse trouble getting any hot water at all out of the old thing! there was a wasp and a snail there, both dead! and even without their presence its not looking good.... we know now its not the water pressure with the wonderful new pipes we have in town!

anyway time to relax (ha ha) going off to read my book now!


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