Tuesday, September 01, 2009

this morning like the last two we, Pippa and I were bothered by a horrible little dog, one we first met four years ago and from time to time I think has moved! even the house it lived in has gone... but not him! he seems to be staying over as it were under a truck these day, and is so small, but so mean! Pippa takes no notice of him, its just me who has the problem!

a dead rat we saw has also gone... gracias snr road sweeper! that made us both jump yesterday, or was it the day before?

today i spent nearly an hour on the phone to Monarch, most of it waiting time, i think i was in a flight holding pattern! i was certainly going round in circles with the old taped "sorry to keep you waiting" and music!

i needed to change the flight Mom should have been coming out here on on the 3rd of this month, left if a little late didn't i! so i could change the flights dates and times etc, but on line, not the name! on line i had already found the charges were 88£ over the already paid amount... and once through to a great girl who helped me sort out the problem... or tried to! the cost would have gone up to 162£ over the already paid 147£!!! so there goes another flight un used, sounds like last year doesn't it....

we did check with the bank of course and reclaiming via the card protection thingy, but once your 80 years the insurance is out! Mom is so it is!!!

but on the plus side... we're booked for Paris! just a two night trip on the Eurostar... cant wait! I have never been to France before.... neither of us on the Eurostar, so we cant wait!

this morning just a short trip into town, visited friends in the Animals in Distress shop, café con leché at the Cruz bar... and home!

well its the first of September, no change in temperature though! i know what can you expect! but on the 1st of the last four months there seems to be a noticeable change upwards in heat... so one would expect the opposite today! no? ok!

just gave Pippa her dinner and there was an ant attack going on near her bowl... if they wanted the best, they should have waited till now when she leaves a little for later! but they blew it, all zapped out with spray, candle wax filling the route into the kitchen... and it was adiós amigos!

Mom and I have now decided to do as above, Paris, and then a few little trips out and about from hers... probably most days! I am also booked, already for two more weeks this year with Mom, first two weeks of December.... my wings will be well worn out by the end of the year... from all this flying.... when do I get a free flight please Monarch?

Follow your desire as long as you live; do not lessen the time of following desire, for the wasting of time is an abomination to the spirit.




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