Tuesday, June 01, 2010

well here i am back at home >..< style="font-style: italic;">hopefully<... fingers crossed! the 29€ or thereabouts, will be put back into my bank account in about ten days time!

hows the house? well we got back here early this morning, well about 10am! and got started, i sat down for something to eat about an hour ago, 7pm, the first thing i had eaten all day, my muscles are telling me they are over worked, but so much had to be done before we could sleep here tonight, i cleaned off nearly all the mildew and mould with a vinegar and water mix, came off very well, a huge patch of black stuff seemed to clean up but its come back, in the front bedroom... the mattress cover, that un zips from the bed itself was totally black, so i washed it 4 times in the bath tub, that was hard work, its drying up on the terrace now, its still 39 degrees up there, its not clean by any means, so will buy some clothing bleach and do it again in a few days, when i can...

been away a short while, i saw something flashing up there on a tab, it was my cousin Tim in Florida! we had a quick chat on FB... must keep going here...

things i didn't think would be ruined but are, the toaster has gone rusty! the sandwich maker was just so mouldy, ugh! wooden handled cutlery and utensils green! i could wash those though. back to the bed... both duvets were green with mould too, and some of the pillows... all gone now!

Franco did a good job on the sofa, its back to black! feels a little damp though at the moment actually!!! but sooooooooooo much better!

what day of the week is it today? ah Tuesday! yesterday i went down to Fuengirola to meet up with my lawyer at the Notary office to sort out the paper work on the house, i got there early, of course, being me, found the offices and went off for a coffee, was sat down outside a bar and someone i knew came along which was nice, it was Juan, the gardener from where we used to live down on the coast, then later i saw the bus to Alhaurín and standing there a friend i hadn't seen, probably since last November.... was good to see her and i told i would be home the next day and we would meet up for a coffee!

today on our way home we popped into Mercadona, i ran in leaving Franco and Pippa in the car, i rushed round to get a few things and stopped for a quick chat with another friend i also hadn't seen for about the same amount of time... it's hard, both asked "... and how is your Mom doing?"

we have hung a spaghetti net at the window here its great, you can have the persiana all the way up but no one can see in, that's the trouble with people walking past your windows along our street, they are literally only feet away... or inches if they stop to peer in!

i think this is it for now, sure i had other things to say... like about the sky last night down at Calahonda! so weird this dark band low across the sea... this morning there was a band of mist instead! and the view of Africa last night! phenomenal! my camera just cannot do it justice, i took a couple of pics.... maybe if you zoom in, i don't know! The Rif mountains nearer to Gibraltor and then the Atlas mountains further up, or is it farther up?

above was a bit of a road we came across, or a bit that was a road i should say! bit of land slide going eh!

ok, cannot type any more, hands worn out, and i think i will still be doing stuff all evening!

something Mom kept in her wallet...

Life is a rare and precious gift. we all tend to take it for granted. rather than stop to appreciate what a miracle existence is, we dwell on our problems. we think about the future, we think about the past and we forget what an incredible present we have. but the present is the only time we really have - and the present always is a present - provided we make an effort to see it as such.

This was on a horoscope she had cut out back in early 2009....


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