Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Just a short blog today, something wrong with this page... coming up all html (hypertext), had a bit of a problem with last nights too, no photo up there for me to see, just a load of words!!

today, more cleaning, more vinegar, more washing (by hand), washing machine is now broken... Bring It On, right just tried to *italic* that and it changed whole thing to the html again, so deleted it!

this morning i went down town bit later than normal for a chance to bump into mate i saw down by bus stop on tuesday, and i did! i was talking to friends i had seen in Mercadona yesterday, so i went to chemist with friend then we four joined up for coffee, well tea, i had té con limon! it was hot but very refreshing...

i bought some mosquito net for back window and a few bits and bobs and home to continue with work!

going to leave this here in cases.... oh the photo, if it does come out, is Mom and i in Paris!


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