Monday, June 21, 2010

this wonderful photo i have just purloined from Positive Thoughts, what a scene... it looks lonely, the end of the world, or maybe the beginning?

beyond tired today and need to gain reserves for this week, not sure where from to be honest...

firstly though Barry had to be evacuated yesterday evening! an explosion in the house next which threw two people from a window in its ferociousness and the Mom in the house was left under a load of rubble, having had two operations she is still critical!

*they*, don't know what caused it yet and when Barry and Lorraine left the house they had to leave everything on, so as not to cause another explosion! still not allowed back in the houses yet either...

so its been a few days again, where does the time go, have asked this question numerous times and no one seems to want to answer me!

i have been communicating with Endesa on the phone, the electric company... although i think communicating is a somewhat loose word to use here, the first time i called them on Friday evening, spoke with a wonderful person, she helped me sort out one bill to pay for my friend, i probably have a limit on the bank card making it impossible to pay everything in one go, terr-if-ic!

i have been trying to get through to them again today, i ask politely in Spanish for someone who speaks English, i have even tried in Spanish, asking, again politely for the woman to speak slowly for me! i have been hung up on four, not make that five times! i know i should be speaking Spanish, don't get me wrong, but there are thousands and thousands of foreigners speaking several languages here now, especially along coastal regions of Spain... when i was calling places for Mom a few months ago, all offered different languages, and you cant get much further from the coast from where i used to live!

i will try again, later, and i mean much later, too tired to keep calling just now.

whats been happening since we last spoke? ah ha... thought i was loosing the plot, i'm not! for a change, i just up loaded two photos and it said Wednesday 16th, like the bit before, that's why i thought i hadn't written since Wednesday! i really don't need any help to feeling confused! i can do it all by myself, and do regularly!

so its only been since Friday, that's a whole lot better, its only been the weekend then! we were down at Maria's Saturday, i had a rather long arduous journey to get there! i left the house early to get the bus down to Fuengirola where i would meet up with Franco, as i turned the corner to the bus stop at the Feria ground i thought i must be late! there were about 20 or 30 there already! when i got there i saw mostly they were teenagers going to the beach for the day, it was 9:15am, quarter hour before the bus was due, the time came and went, and by the time the bus came it was 9:50! i just knew it was late because of the high amount of people who would already be on it from Coín! there was a traumatic rush for a non existent bus a few minutes before it actually arrived, i used the opportunity like the other about 6 or 7 adults there to actually get into the place we should have been if the next 20 or 30 kids hadn't cue jumped!

so you can imagine, we have about 50 or 60 kids us few adults, one bus, a driver who didn't want to open the doors to start with, pointing a worried looking finger towards the *49* passenger sign by his head...

he opened the door and the children turned into a pack of hounds hungry to get on board!

needless to say that after standing there for now nearly an hour, i turned away and walked back up the hill to the high street... called Franco and he said he was on his way....

i sat at Bar Rosa, was nice actually, quiet still at just gone 10am, watched the world go by... oh and the other adults, all of them, and a whole bunch of kids who were not going to the beach now! you see the bus company really has it sussed here, thats Portillo buses by the way, even in summer the bus time table reads 9:30am, 2:30pm and 6:15pm, oh well sorry there is the early early 6:40am... but that's it! even on Saturdays when you have two towns loads of people who want to get to the beach!

i will not be even attempting to use the bus again on a Saturday any time soon... it wasn't great standing there anyway, with me thinking the last time i got on the bus there was back in December in the few weeks i was here then... getting the bus to meet Barry at the airport for his holiday, it was pouring with rain... and late.... and i called and spoke with Mom... and no doubt this will be the same thought next time i am there... as i didn't actually get on the bus did i! and that's going to be tomorrow, so good luck for me with that then! hopefully the bus to Malaga will come on time... and i wont dwell on things...


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