Thursday, June 03, 2010

strange photo of Mom and i on train up to Nottingham after our trip to Paris, long long day....

oh... i think the problem with this was my fault, just noticed an option up there which i have changed, and now it looks like how i want it to! typical... oh well fixed now! (just adding this after up loading and seeing this doesn't make sense! i am talking about how my blog wouldn't do as it should yesterday and the day before!)

cant say the same for the wifi though, or could i? i have tried to connect the wifi rounter thingy we brought back with us, the old sky one from England. telephone wall plug is just the same, everything switched on and it was green for go! showed a great wifi connection but wouldn't let me use the internet? and to be quite honest i am not in mood to fiddle with it... tried the *fix it* option, it said great connection, but if your having trouble click here, did, said all ok now! wasn't... and cant be bothered!

think house smells better, until i get some fresh air from outside, or come in from there and then its just this awful damp smell in every room, i cant do anything in the bedroom yet, its so bad, needs all the pictures taking down, furniture moved and cleaned from the ceiling down!

cant find the secateurs for trimming some of the over growth up on the terrace, and for cutting up and bagging the dead plants, the peach and bottle brush trees, the wisteria is coming down too, it doesn't flower and gets in the way where it is!

this morning walked into town early, got a few bits i needed and had to go into the bank, i had put it off yesterday so many people on the way in and still there on the way out, probably the same people if going by todays visit is anything to go by... how many blogs have i done complaining and moaning about the way the banks are run here?? no tell me please!!!

today, walked in at 10am, 27 people in front of me, and i say in front in the loosest sense of the word... because people come in, ask who is last and just hang around by the door, so you have this big enormous space near the counter (singular), and everyone looked scared stiff around the edges! two seats ocupado! one man at the one counter, woman in an office to one side, and that's it!

at 10:35 the woman came to a desk and served one person, then the one in front of me... and ten minutes later i got to be served! the guy serving at the counter had taken so long with his customer because he was coo cooing the child with her, giving it paper and pen to draw with, (all over the Moms top and arm! but she didn't notice!), then he made a paper aeroplane!!!! OMG!!!

can you imagine going into a bank in England, and waiting 45 minutes to be served? ten minutes feels like a long time in your one hour lunch break, having one cashier who likes to do Origami wouldn't last long, there would be a riot! mind you the woman in front of me today was huffing and puffing! but then as i have mentioned just a few times before, why would you go into a bank in your lunch time? not to pay a bill they have to be paid between 8:30am - 10:30 tues, weds and thursdays only!

phew, got that off my chest! but back to now, i could hardly walk the rest of the way home after standing for so long.... but i have been scrubbing and cleaning again already... i think i be done for today, if i can keep still long enough!

next doors leak is bad today, almost pouring out onto the street outside our houses, you can see the damp coming up the tiling! they are there, so hopefully will get the problem sorted out soon, its been well over a year now...

also this morning, i have added my Great Grand Parents to my on line family tree, in Genes reunited, feel like it's a bit of a mission now! finding where they are buried maybe in London if i can, i have found the nearest cemetary to where they used to live, but then, did they stay there after my Grand Dad and his brothers left for other countries... did any of them ever return to see them again? the USA was far enough where my Grand Dad went, but it would have been a long long way from Brazil for the two other brothers...

Pippa is having a great time, making sure everyone knows she is back in town!

that's everyone who passes on the road, or is just plain too close for her comfort! so when she is having a bit of a howling session up on the terrace its 3 flights of stairs for me to get to her to shush her up!

i had a mammoth phone around yesterday, being back home now with the land line, using the mobile to phone for the last months was uncomfortable, hot mobile phone, hot-head-ache for me!

more calls to make later, so going to have a bite to eat now....

hasta pronto amigos!



Carol said...

Well, let me tell you some of the things I had to try this past week. I'm sure you've tried the "Diagnose/repair this connection" option? Sometimes one has to reset the router or signal, so turn off and unplug your modem (or router, if internet goes directly into that) for at least 10 seconds. Then plug it in, wait for all the lights, and try connecting. Or, if you go to your networking page and can see the wireless connections that are available and can see the one you usually use, you may have to readjust your settings. Right-click on the wireless' name, click properties, then security --see if the settings are the same. After getting my internet itself back (that was fun) I had tried for days with my router, then tried son's and managed to get all of us back on the router except for college daughter's laptop. Her fiancee and I worked on it for hours, finally got it, but I can honestly say I hate all this malarkey. Good luck with it all!

As for the bank --outrageous! Why don't they have more tellers waiting on people at the busy times??

Have a great weekend, Marian. Get some rest, for heaven's sake!!

Marian said...

Thanks Carol, i will try that tomorrow, i have reached a no go situation for today with it, usually good with things like this, but my heads not on straight!!!

i know the banks!! arh!! in england there are usually 4 to 6 or even 8 cashiers open, they dont make paper planes, or go off for coffee after half an hour, or brush their hair... 8 years ago here one man actually turned and spat into his bin!!!!

it would be funny... but its just not anymore!

i am resting now, i am getting up and doing things, then sitting down again!

take care, have a good weekend too,x