Thursday, June 10, 2010

a photo Tony took in Seville, a street, just a little wider than ours, but not by much!

well today i decided to take things easy, especially after waking up with a head ache, again...

well best of intentions eh, i just cant sit still, have to keep *doing*...

it began with just moving a few things back into our bedroom and making up our bed, wont be asking any guests to sleep on the sofa bed ever again... your welcome to our bed instead, and we will swap to back room!

not just for easier access to outside while guests are staying but that bed in so hard!

i moved to tv back to its place on top of the wardrobe, that was tricky with all the wires falling about all over the place! glad only Pippa was watching (anxiously!)

moved the boxes out into the back room, put away clothes, threw unused clothes out! i even horde clothes, but now i see how many clothes Mom had hidden away i know where i get that from! MOM??

made the sofa bed, back to a sofa! back into its place... hifi back in its position!

cup of tea...

back onwards and upwards... to the wisteria plant that has never flowered in the five years we put it there! and its half perished by the excess of rain, so i clipped it back to its main stem, and left it at about 5 foot, cut all the rest away from the stair rail and roof above that it had made it too, it did certainly climb... it made it hard to hold the railing too, so now its safer and hopefully we can transplant it to the tub where another plant died from flooding! and it can grow up the mountain rock behind the house... i tried to dig it up and pulled on the plant near the root but the whole of the earth came up! that's about 4 foot by 18 inches in the trough! so i am guessing its all roots... will see what Franco wants to do with it....

we had a huge amount of excess matting Franco used to line the plastic that surrounds part of the terrace, so i used the secateurs again, these secateurs i couldn't find, which i did eventually at the bottom of my wardrobe? don't ask, because i really don't know!

so i cut the matting up and made smaller rolls, and managed to get them into a huge black bin bag! along with all the mess i had made, so that's two huge bags to go out this evening, under cover of darkness!

also, while i was doing all of above i washed a few bits of *normal* washing, down stairs, carrying it up and hanging on the line, its a windy day out there again today, as was yesterday, but unlike yesterday its dry! we had a bit of rain yesterday! nothing much, more like a heavy cloud settled on the town!

after that i thought i am going to have to wash the things that got damp and mildewy, so i ran the tub full of washing powder and that pink stuff! and in went a whole bunch things, and so heavy when wet! i have been running up and down to check they haven't blown off the terrace, or maybe just checking the street outside might be quicker??

just ran up then to check on them.. mostly dry... just a little longer, if i run off suddenly its because its raining!!

its hard work without a washing machine, how easily we forget how things used to be done, i remember when Mom and i had moved in with my Gran in Northchurch, in our back yard was a small house! well it seemed like a house to me, a one up one down! in the down was a mangle! i remember my Gran putting the wet washing through that to get out the most of the water, could have done with one of those today! instead i twisted and twisted the water out of what i could twist! that works quite well! i wonder what was up stairs in that little mangle house? can't remember....

ok was only coming on to have a word with Tony and see what Barry has been up to (FB)... i need to rest or i guess i will stop, when i drop!


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